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Centered around one of the world’s most prominent financial capitals, San Francisco, the Bay Area stretches over an area of over nine local counties. From the famous Napa Valley and Sonoma wine countries to the tech-savvy southern end of the bay known as the Silicon Valley, the Bay Area stands as an imperative central location for trade, finance, innovation, and culture.

Integrating a business into the Bay Area innovation ecosystem can appear daunting to companies new to the region. As the only business association representing the entire nine-county region, we can connect you with all the resources you need to invest, work, and live in the most exciting economy in the world.

The Bay Area Council and Council Members can support you with:
  • Site selection – Selecting suitable sites in the area for local expansion
  • Government relations and regulations – Connecting to relevant officials and facilitating local regulation compliance
  • Corporate registration – Registering international offices and facilities to local governances
  • Networking and business development – Connecting to relevant industry leaders and business opportunities
  • Event/delegation planning and management – Organizing informational sessions and tours around Bay Area to relevant sites and persons for expansion
  • Training for expatriated executives – Educational sessions familiarizing with local customs and institutions
  • Employee services – Organizing events, programs, and networking

Downtown San Francisco

Silicon Valley

Tri-Valley Region

Oakland Harbor

Planning to visit the Bay Area?

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