California E-Commerce Store

Bringing California Products and Brands to the Largest eCommerce Market in the World

China is home to the world’s largest and fastest-growing online consumer market place, with annual sales growing 20% in each of the past several years to an estimated $2.3 trillion. But entering the Chinese market place comes with significant obstacles that can derail even the most sophisticated online consumer retail businesses. Market knowledge, language, regulations, marketing, and logistics and fulfillment services are just a few of the challenges to successful entry.

That’s why the Bay Area Council is partnering with the MEBO Group to provide California businesses an opportunity to sell their products direct to millions of Chinese consumers through the California eCommerce Store. One of the major platforms the California eCommerce Store will be featured on is Tmall. A subsidiary of Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba, Tmall is China’s largest ecommerce consumer retail selling platform, the third most visited website in the world and the top cross-border ecommerce marketplace in China with a 60% market share.

You’ll be in good company, with such respected U.S. brands as Patagonia, Crocs, Barneys New York, Crest, California Baby, Kirkland and hundreds more.

When you register to participate in the California eCommerce Store, your business will have access to the full suite of trade and advisory services you’ll need to begin selling your products including:

  • Tmall Global Registration: We will guide you through the entire Tmall registration process and set up your ALIPAY payment transaction account.
  • Trademarking: If any of your products require trademark registration in China, we will assist in navigating the process to ensure your brand is protected.
  • Localization: Understanding Chinese culture is critical to avoid any missteps in promoting and selling your business and products. We’ll work with you to ensure your business and products are well positioned to make a good impression.
  • Strategic eStore Planning: With our deep knowledge of the Chinese marketplace, we will help segment your target audience to ensure you are reaching not only the most customers possible, but the right customers.
  • Customer Service: Over 70% of sales in China are assisted sales. Our highly trained customer service representatives will maximize your sales conversion and address any customer service issues quickly and responsively.
  • Marketing : From comprehensive marketing campaign planning to media buying, we will guide you to achieve the visibility and results you need to drive relevant traffic.
  • Store Operations: We’ll manage your day-to-day store operations, including everything from display designs to product promotions. We will maximize your marketing budget to drive the best ROI.
  • Order Fulfillment: Our order management system and warehouse management system are fully integrated into the Tmall platform to ensure a smooth, seamless and fast fulfillment process.

MEBO Group is an international company headquartered in Beijing and Sacramento. Since 1987, the company has specialized in researching, manufacturing, and distributing botanic pharmaceuticals, healthy foods, and natural skincare and cosmetic products across the globe. With its roots in China, it’s uniquely positioned to provide trade and advisory services for retailers of the California Store.

California Store Sales Channels

With MEBO group acting as the trade partner for the California Store project, exporters will be visible on a number of eCommerce and live streaming services in China. Here are just a few!

Owned by Alibaba Group, Taobao is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in China with more than 300 millions daily users.

Taobao Global>>

Tmall is a B2C platform in China and has over 18,000 international brands selling products on it.


JD is the biggest domestic B2C competitor to Tmall, generating 114 billion dollars in revenue in 2020.


Pingduoduo, despite being a relatively new eCommerce channel, has already built a user base of 720 million.

Pingdoudou Global>>

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